It is possible to save money with VPN in 2019?

Posted By Alice Hale on Nov 8, 2019

A high performance VPN service can be found for a few dollars per month in 2019. Depending on the service chosen and the choice of payment method (annual, monthly), you might even be able to save a couple of extra dollars each months. But although it only costs you a few dollars a month, your VPN can also save you a lot of money. Let’s look together how. 

Protection against fraud

The increase in the number of malware on the Internet is ramping up lately, including some severe threats such as Ransomware or silent crypto-currency miners (misuse of your computer’s resources to mine crypto-currencies). 

Even your router can be a source of risk with all the security vulnerabilities discovered every day and affecting all brands. With a VPN, allowing you to encrypt data and use a fake IP address, is an excellent way to protect yourself from malware and fraud attempts on your computer. ExpressVPN is currently the best VPN allowing to be installed on routers ! Read more on

How do you make money with this? Since your VPN offers you necessary protection on the Internet, a simple basic anti-malware program will suffice to protect your data when you surf the Internet. With a VPN, I advise you to use Microsoft’s free anti-virus solution, Windows Defender present on all Windows 10 machines, as well as the free anti-malware MalwareBytes. 

Get rid of your cookies!

You have certainly already heard about it on the Internet: Cookies are those little pieces of code that gradually slow down your browser. Nowadays, almost all the sites you visit use them, and day after day, they pile up in your collection. These cookies also allow you to track you on the Internet. They monitor all your activities on the Internet and add this information to their infinite database on each Internet user. 

Problems arise when merchant sites use Cookies to regulate their prices. The consumer is in a situation where he wants to buy an item on one site, then decides that he is not sure or wants to check the price on another website, for example, before completing the purchase. However, when he decides to return to the original site to buy the item, the merchant unfortunately decides, based on the tracking cookie and IP address, to increase the price. The company now believes that the consumer is more interested in the product. 

Rather than paying the price increase, the relatively simple solution is to delete all cookies from your browser (with CCleaner, for example) and then connect to a VPN to hide your IP. For the site, everything seems to indicate that you are a new customer and that you should, therefore, display the lowest price.  

Access local prices

Have you probably already heard about price variations on airline tickets? It is quite right; airliners vary their rates according to the date and place of purchase of the ticket. Also, prices still vary if you choose to buy your ticket by phone directly with an airline advisor, on the Internet on the airline’s website or another third-party website. 

A variable can also be added to the price of the flight ticket, and it is the geographical position of the person making the purchase. By using a VPN, you can hide or modify your geolocation to make the sites you visit believe that you are elsewhere in the world (for example, a country where airline tickets are cheaper).